Good Sex Music Edging ❋ 2023

Album art for Edging's 2023 release, Good Sex Music. Deliverables included a vinyl sleeve, front and back vinyl labels, 3 panel J-card, stickers, and silkscreen print adaption of artwork.

The Fempire Strikes Back True Lions ❋ 2021

Album art for True Lions' 2020 release, The Fempire Strikes Back. Deliverables included a6-panel eco wallet CD case, 6-panel j-card, CD imprints, and stickers.

KC Tenants Gifs 2020

Illustrated gifs created for KC Tenants for calls to action and campaign posts, referencing KC Tenants' color guide and bull mascot.

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Screenprinted Candles 2019

Candle designs made in collaboration with Oddities Prints, inspired by the zodiac, curses, and blessings.

Event Poster Hot Hands ❋ 2017

Advertising materials for Hot Hands, a fundraising art event in Kansas City. Design materials included a poster, web banner, social media GIFs, and logo for shirt and merch printing.